We create the tools that tell your brand storY Wonderfully and with accuracy.

We aim to find you the perfect product to optimise your message and meet your business objectives.



At Titan, we understand that the competition in terms of offering unique branded products is vast, but we create the kinds of items that fit strategically in the conversation you would like to have with your customer. We aim to deliver a product that meshes seamlessly with your strategy. We source unique merchandise from the most unexpected places to bring you the most exclusive corporate gifts and promotional creations. We surprise and then we delight.



Where possible Titan Marketing do exactly what we can to make certain that our products are manufactured in South Africa. We are a South African company with a deep respect for our future and our heritage. For this reason our branded promotion items are made in the heart of the South African economy with South Africans top of mind. Our aim is to source local products at all times where possible. We strongly believe in the importance of community effort.



The search for unique promotional items to offer our clients never ends.It’s an adventure that we undertake because we understand that in a world where everyone is fighting for customer attention, saying the right thing is better than saying everything. This is why we will do our utmost to make certain that we will secure the very best products to be used as a medium for you to tell your unique brand story and enhance that relationship with your audience.

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